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F&I Insurance Training

Achieving F&I Excellence!

The premier, consultative, menu-based F&I certification program presented by the nationally recognized F&I trainer, author and NADA Speaker.

The benefits of Achieving F&I Excellence!™ training include:

  • Change a manager’s focus from “selling” products to helping customers
  • Implement a customer-centered, needs-based F&I presentation based upon the customer’s agenda
  • Train managers to respond positively to customers’ questions, concerns and objections
  • Enable F&I managers to use objections to help lead customers to positive buying decisions
  • Provide basic and advanced sales techniques

Achieving F&I Excellence!TM

CNA Management Certification Program Enrollment with Ron Reahard of Reahard & Associates

Fax or email completed form to Pam at Conley Insurance 314-909-9157

Advanced F&I Training

An intensive, two-day program designed specifically to take your F&I managers’ performance (and F&I profits) to the next level by dramatically improving consultative selling skills

The benefits of Advanced F&I Training include:

  • Build sales techniques allowing experienced F&I managers to take individual performance to the next level
  • Incorporate “real world” situations and actual customer objections into role-play exercises, improving managers selling skills
  • Curriculum designed specifically to help managers become increasingly proficient at finding and filling customer needs
  • Hands-on training dramatically improves mangers’ ability to overcome objections, and help customer “see” their need for F&I products
  • Extensive role-play exercises ensure F&I managers are able to implement sales and objection-handling techniques

Email your questions about F&I training to Conley Insurance Group at
Fax: 314.909.9157