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Automotive Dealer Needs Analysis

Integrated and Non-integrated Electronic Menu Selling

  • Changes focus from selling product to helping customers
  • Implements customer-centered, needs-based F&I skills
  • Trains managers to give positive responses to objections and concerns
  • Provides basic and advanced sales techniques
  • Teaches compliance skills and record keeping

Electronic Reporting

  • Easy-to-use tracking, performance and management tool
  • Allows for long- and short-term comparisons and tracking
  • Provides daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics and more
  • Updates all functions automatically for quick reference
  • Increases efficiency and reduces down time

Conley Insurance Group Road Map and Dealership Audit

  • Complete sales process review
  • Turnover – effective transitions from sales to finance
  • Product analysis and optimization
  • Finance department productivity assessment
  • Goal development and strategies for success

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