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Interior & Exterior Protection


Exterior Paint Protection

  • Bonds to microscopic pores in paint finish for full protection
  • Can be applied by hand or orbital buffer
  • Preserves/protects painted surfaces under extreme/adverse conditions
  • Provides that “New Vehicle” appearance for years to come

Interior Fabric, Vinyl & Leather Protection

  • Spray-on fabric protection makes application fast and easy
  • Fabric protection encapsulates the fibers, creating a protective barrier with superior stain-releasing qualities that no other product can match
  • Vinyl & leather protection is hand-applied for greater absorption and effectiveness, providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays
  • Vinyl & leather products keep surfaces soft, supple and protected


  • Deadens sound to reduce road and engine noise
  • Helps maintain more consistent cabin temperature levels
  • Protects underbody against damaging dust and debris

Exterior Paint Protection

ResistAll® NG2™ spray-on paint protectant provides you with a high-profit, ultra-premuim exterior protectant for your customers. While providing the same warranty protection of our original product, ResistAll® NG2™ also includes nanoparticles which provide a hydrophobic high gloss finish.

Interior Surface Protection

ResistAll NG2 interior protection delivers performance today’s customers demand by providing an antimicrobial agent that is warranted against unpleasant odors created by food- and drink-born mold or mildew.

To learn more about Interior & Exterior Protection, please contact Steve Phillips.