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Column Structure

Waivers (Disclosures) & Inexpensive Products

Your Product Line-up

Apologizing for Your Menu, and Working with The Interrupter

The Best Rate, Sorting Out the Details, and The Surprise Ending

Supporting the Cause Via Deductible and Educating

Reacting Quickly, Building Rapport, and Avoiding the Pitfalls Caused by Guessing Usage Patterns

Robust Column Offering

“But we don’t drive that many miles!” & “Are you telling me this is a bad car?”

Looking Back, Analyzing Current Events, and Looking Forward

Used Vehicles

Pivoting on Our Toes Versus Reacting from Our Heels

Watch for The Changes

Customer Profiles

Keeping Things Moving Via Transitional Segues

“We’re probably not going to be purchasing what we did, last time.”

Bundle Up?

Bundles Delivered

(minor) Process Changes

Menu Architecture (some Psychological Considerations)

Historical Revisionism

Bookouts, Lenders, and Deductibles

The Rockstar Who Dropped The Mic

The 100% Rule and To GAP Or Not To GAP

Used Vehicles (Revisited)